Hi, I'm Nalini Persad Making this world a more beautiful place one person at a time, Sign up to my exclusive newsletter to get the latest updates on how to hack yourself to a better life. Life Coaching Take your life to another level of fulfillment and joy, a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and a sense of peace and contentment. Get someone to cheer you on, remind you of how great you are and keep you in peak emotional state to get it done faster. Relationship Coaching Whether you are single or in a relationship, know what it takes to attract and have the most beautiful and fulfilling relationship you have ever dreamed of! Wildfit Coaching Change your relationship with food, become free of the foods that you’re addicted to and have the most amazing, healthy, free, energized feeling you have experienced in your lifetime! Life will never be the same after!

About Me

I am committed to helping others get to their healthiest self and to find the power and
passion within themselves to live the life of their dreams.

Founder, Wildly Passionate

Why Have a Coach?

Keeps you in peak emotional state

A coach will remind you of who you are and of your internal power. When you feel good, you make powerful, inspired decisions and that’s where the magic happens.

You achieve goals faster

A coach helps you get clarity on your goals, identifies the habits and actions that are required to achieve them, and keeps you accountable.

Realigns you with your sense of purpose and passion

Coaching helps to realign you with your sense of purpose. Ultimately this gives that sense of fulfillment and meaning to what you do. When you find your WHY, the HOW comes easily

Find that sense of joy and happiness

When you align with a higher purpose, and work from that space of inspiration, you not only achieve your full potential but even better, life has greater meaning. You feel a deep sense of fulfillment, happiness, joy and bliss.


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I started the Wildfit program at a weight of 225 pounds and after 90 days I dropped 37 pounds. I have not felt this great and healthy in ages and
Within only a few months with the least effort I ever had to put aside, I was able to drop and keep off 20lbs. I grew to really understand and
We learnt how  to listen to each other from the heart. I also learnt where I was not meeting his needs and what I needed to do for us to
I was depressed to almost suicidal after a bad breakup. She helped me put things in perspective and move on in a short space of time.
My energy level has greatly increased. My body feels deeply clean so too it raises my confidence level on issues on everyday challenges. My family has seen the changes in
_Roshan Rajnauth,
Wildfit Journey changed my life not just physically but also mentally as well as spiritually. I have learned that the choices we make to nourish our bodies have lasting impacts.
My journey with wildfit has been enlightening. I lost 15 lbs but the other benefits have been more prominent; 1) I lost 4 inches off my waist, 2)  My energy
The results were amazing physically, mentally and emotionally. My energy is fantastic. I feel “young” again: I feel lighter as  my energy channels became clearer, some aches and pains disappeared,
My  sugar level was always in the 200s and I was suffering with chronic pains.Since Wildfit , my sugar level is normal , I have not taken any medications,do not
I always had low self esteem and saw little progress in gym cause my diet was never good. Now my diet is excellent, I have good self esteem and my
Nalini was sincere and showed that she truly cared.The passion she releases during sessions will light your passion and encourage you to believe anything is possible….and dreams are worth going

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