About me

I am committed to helping others to get to the healthiest version of themself and to help persons to find the power and passion within themselves to live the life of their dreams.

Founder, Wildly Passionate

Why Coaching?

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Better clarity

When you are clearer on the destination, you can better select the route

You achieve goals faster

A coach keeps you accountable

Peak emotional state

When you feel good, you make powerful decisions and achieve results faster

Change perspective

Bring new perspective to events that disempower you

Upcoming Wildfit Challenges

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Personal workshop


Relationship workshop

This has been a most enlightening experience for me. Its amazing how much less food my body needs daily. I understand the 6 human hungers and how it affects eating habits. How bad sugar is for me and how prevalent
I was vegetarian but eating very unhealthy. Now my skin is so much different, my hair stopped dropping and I feel healthy
My sugar levels went from 270 to 129 in 4 weeks and 99 in just 6 weeks. I have no attacks of psoriasis as I had before. I am off my sugar meds
I no longer want to put in foods that make me feel unhealthy. I used to be dropped from games because of my fitness levels being too low. Now I am as fit as the best in the team. I
I shed 35lbs in the 90 days. I no longer have sugar cravings as I used to. I feel healthier, fitter and more in control of food than ever in my life before. I have tremendous mental clarity and I
I was able to identify a suppressed passion I had forgotten I had since my childhood and now i am living more in alignment with my passion and moving closer to my dream
I was able to mend my relationship with my family and mother. Now we have a most amazing relationship
I was able to remember what was great about me. She made me identify everything I loved about myself. It improved my confidence to get through my teenage years
I was depressed to almost suicidal after a bad breakup. She helped me put things in perspective and move on in a short space of time
I understood where I was bringing my work attitude home and being bossy which is not what my husband needed or wanted. Once I became aware I was able to relax into my feminine and change it
I realised my woman needed me to take charge and not just be a ‘yes’ man. Understanding that made me stand up and be the man she needed around

Consultation Packages

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Wildfit Coaching


Life Coaching


Doing the right thing, at the right time

I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will help you.