14 Mar

My Wildfit Journey

Lots of people claim they have ‘the secret’ to weight loss, true health, and living a
long and happy life.

Out of all the diets and food methodologies I’ve tried (and I’ve tried A LOT of
them!), only one thing has created permanent change in my body and daily habits.

It’s called WildFit.

By the end of WildFit’s 90 day program, I had lost 28pounds (I lost 32 more after by following the living Wildfit methodology). I had so much more energy than ever before and no joint pains while working out. Mentally, my confidence levels were finally where I wanted them to be – I was finally comfortable in my body again. I felt lighter physically and emotionally and something I cannot describe shifted inside of me. I felt ready to take on the world!

Most people saw this as a physical shift but what happened for me was truly a huge mental, emotional and I dare say spiritual shift. I had really taken this on for health and cosmetic reasons but had no idea what incredible internal power and clarity will be unleashed in the process. The weird part was that I felt this incredible peace and calm on the inside and that even became apparent to others as well (and I have heard this from others as well since then). Food really affects us much more than we can imagine.

WildFit taught me how to eat the ideal human diet (this methodology is based on
decades of nutritional anthropology, evolutionary and functional medicine), but as
valuable as that information is,  the most impactful thing about WildFit is that it taught me the behavioral psychology principles necessary to permanently change my eating habits. (remember I released 32lbs after and have maintained that since).

With WildFit, you’re never hungry, and there’s also no exercise component. And
unlike the impersonal, large group programs out there, our group is personal and you get individual attention so we address your core issues and challenges.

I have so much respect for the integrity of the WildFit methodology and the way it’s taught.

I saw major health challenges like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeping challenges, indigestion, cholesterol, joint pains, arthritis and others eliminated and so I decided to become a WildFit Coach, so I can share this information with others.

If it’s time for your body, health, and quality of life to finally get your attention, I’d
love to tell you more about the WildFit program and help you decide if it’s a fit for

Email me at nalinipersad@wildlypassionate.com to set up a call. No strings attached. No expectations. It’s just a casual chat.

I’m looking forward to talking with you about changing your body, changing the
way you eat, changing your health and vitality, and I know it sounds far-fetched but changing your life – once and for all.



Hello! I am Nalini Persad. I have been a businesswoman for the past 20 years. Just being in that environment, there must always be growth and continuous learning so by nature, I value growth and learning as a core value.