21 Mar

My favorite Wildfit story – my son!

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. We do not want them to suffer the pains we went through. So we try to provide them with everything – from toys to cars, physical comforts, we try to save them from emotional difficulties – you get the idea.

In this particular case, it pained me to no end to see my son go through the pains of obesity. He always looked twice his age and it was always difficult to get clothes to fit. As a result, we both despised shopping.

He also loved sports – cricket and football in particular. Football he definitely wasn’t fast enough so he latched on to cricket. Yet he won’t get to play as he admitted only later on, because he wasn’t as fit as he needed to be to play competitively. I felt like all his dreams were crashing on him and you know as a parent how that feels to feel helpless.

We joined him in gym so he can lose the weight and get more fit. There were some results admittedly so some of the extra chubbiness shed off but he was still big built and the fitness levels still weren’t where they needed to be.

Then I did Wildfit and he saw my results, my commitment and discipline to living this way and the amazing results I got! So when I asked for volunteers for my trial class, to my surprise he volunteered! I was of course sceptical as he was a teenage boy and I felt he won’t stick with it, but I let him in.

Imagine to my shock and pleasant surprise, he became even more disciplined and committed than I was! I was in awe of him! He followed the plan rigidly with laser focus while maintaining his gym routine!

The transformation that followed this was just jaw dropping! My son lost all that fat, his body reshaped, his fitness and stamina was like never before! I was now looking at the transformation of a new person literally!

He was picked to go on a cricket tour in Ft Lauderdale in December of 2018 where he was awarded best fielder. Now he has picked up a new hobby – running 5k. And he puts nothing that is non functional to his health in his body! In fact sometimes I will even have to tell him lighten up a bit!

Oh did I mention I love his newfound sense of style and fashion! My boy now loves to shop and dress himself and experiment!

With regard to school, he has become more focused there as well. He says he has more clarity and his concentration levels are better now. I personally find that his approach to getting things done is better now – his determination is a lot stronger and his belief in himself helps him in so many ways!

My closing thoughts on this matter is this would always be my favourite Wildfit coach story! To get my son back with his self confidence at this level, with him realising for himself that anything and everything is possible at this age is beyond fulfilling for me!

What he gained from Wildfit was way beyond physical and health and this is what we also need to realise – that eating healthy is so much more than physical – it is mental, emotional and for some spiritual! But more on this another day!

So I think one of the best gifts we can give anyone, let alone our children, is the gift of good health! And I am so glad I found Wildfit and am able to do this not just for me but for my family!

Hello! I am Nalini Persad. I have been a businesswoman for the past 20 years. Just being in that environment, there must always be growth and continuous learning so by nature, I value growth and learning as a core value.