21 Nov

Lessons from a climb!

This photo was taken at a Life and Wealth Mastery program in Fiji 2012 with Tony Robbins.

Usually he starts his programs with some event to push you beyond your comfort zone and for this program it was to climb a 30ft pole and stand at the top then jump. We had the choice of free fall or to reach for a trapeze! I chose the free fall.

I learnt many lessons from this on that day and I will like to share as you may identify with one or more of them.

Firstly I was scared like crap of going up and it had nothing to do with the pole or climbing. It was my fear of failure. And I was scared to get stuck (fail) in front of a crowd of people looking on. I was more scared of looking stupid in front of people than I was of actually not getting up the pole.

Secondly I felt I was fat! And I was very overweight which was a fact!

And thirdly I opted for the free fall!

So I was almost the last to go up (cause you don’t have a choice but to do the pole climb) and so I sweated it out watching everyone before me!!! So that is what the weight of the wait (procrastination) feels like!

When my turn came, I was harnessed and to my amazement, I just went up almost effortlessly! The challenge was at the top to make that last step. It was at that point the pole shakes and it’s a challenge to make that last step and stand at the tippity top! But the view was amazing!

So many life parallels I drew from that experience! Let me tell you!

The same people I was so scared of (scared of failing in front of) were the ones cheering me on and were my strength! So almost always, what we fear is really a figment of our imagination! It’s so unreal and just a concoction in our head!
The difficulty at the top is another life lesson. Very often, that last step to breakthrough, that last hurdle to breakthrough is the most difficult. But pull it together and make that last step. The view is amazing but most importantly what you would have overcome and what you will have become is even more so!

My body that I never appreciated got me to the top of that pole! This may seem like not much but it sobered me to realize that first and foremost I need to appreciate my body! It had gotten me so far in my life and I was able to do everything I ever wanted to do and it never failed me and it was most importantly healthy!

And lastly my option to free fall was because all my life I felt I was always reaching for something, always have a goal and for once I just wanted to take a leap! Just let go!

So takeaways! Do not get paralyzed by fear and self doubt!

Fear gets us stuck! How many dreams you have that will never materialize because you’re just scared to start?
Procrastinating about the things that are most important to us has very little to do with lack of time! It is simply fear! Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough!

What overcomes fear? Action!

So what are you scared of? What’s that thing that means the world to you but you don’t want to fail or don’t want to look bad?

How can you step out and take action today, right now! How can I support you in overcoming that fear?

Hello! I am Nalini Persad. I have been a businesswoman for the past 20 years. Just being in that environment, there must always be growth and continuous learning so by nature, I value growth and learning as a core value.