I am Nalini Persad

Hello! I am Nalini Persad. I have been a businesswoman for the past 20 years. Just being in that environment, there must always be growth, so by nature, I value growth and learning as a core value.

About 10 years ago,  I found myself questioning my purpose in this life. I started questioning and breaking all the models I had been fed in this world and embarked on a journey of self discovery. The thing is I had always been gifted with a very happy life but I was not feeling very fulfilled; something I am sure many of you can relate to.

On this journey, I was able to overcome my worst limiting beliefs and uncover my sense of purpose and joy. Born out of a desire to help others gain that level of joy and fulfillment in their lives, I obtained my Life Coaching and Relationship Certification.

Since then I have conducted workshops with children, teens and adults with great success. I have also coached persons privately and they have been able to move on to live in closer alignment with their dreams and purpose.

However, with all the success I had already, there was one area that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t achieve success – a battle I have had for most of my adult life but intensely so in the last 15 years. And that was my weight challenge.

I came across the Wildfit program, took a leap of faith, and for the first time I was able to shed not just 10 or 20 lbs but 60lbs and regain my body of my late 20s.

This changed my whole sense of being. The change may have seemed physical to others, but for me it was mental, emotional and spiritual! I felt like a person who was given a second chance at life. I had a new kind of confidence!  I felt ready to step into my light and purpose, ready to give of my gifts and passion to help others feel this sense of joy. With that intention, I became a Wildfit Coach.

I am so excited now to formally share all that I have experienced. My hope is that I help others to live their best life with from a place of absolute health,  love, personal fulfillment and passion.


How may I help you?

I will love to help you get to a happier state