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Hello! I am Nalini Persad. I have been a businesswoman for the past 20 years. Just being in that environment, there must always be growth and continuous learning so by nature, I value growth and learning as a core value.

When I reached 40, I started questioning my purpose and what was life all about. I started questioning all the models I had been taught in this world and embarked on a journey of self discovery. The thing is I had always been gifted with a very happy life but I was not feeling very fulfilled. I am sure many of you can relate to what I am saying.

On this journey, I was able to overcome my worst limiting beliefs and find my sense of purpose and joy. Born out of a desire to help others gain that level of joy and fulfillment in their lives, I obtained my Life Coaching and Relationship Certification.

Since then I have conducted workshops with children, teens and adults with great success. I have also coached persons privately and they have been able to move on to live in closer alignment with their dreams and purpose.

However, with all the success I had already, there was one area that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t shake off my excess weight – a battle I have had for most of my adult life but intensely so in the last 15 years. And that was my weight challenge.

I came across the Wildfit program, took a leap of faith, and for the first time I have been able to shed not just 10 or 20 lbs but 60lbs and regain my body of my late 20s. Again, I knew this could help so many others with their relationship with food, their health, their general well being that I did the certification course and became a Wildfit Coach.

I am so excited now to formally share all that I have experienced. My hope is that I help others to not have to go through the weight, health, personal, relationship battles, but be able to live their best life with love and passion and a sense of purpose.


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