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This is going to be the most monumental, transformative 3 months you can ever invest in.

The Wildfit challenge uses online videos hosted by Eric Edmeades (founder of Wildfit), personal coaching to steer you through your individual challenges and a community of other persons going through the Challenge at the same time (so you’re never alone)!

During this challenge, you reset your relationship with food so after you never use will power to stay away from foods that don’t serve your health and vitality.

You experience how a clean, healthy body truly feels. You feel light, clean, clear, full of physical vitality and mental clarity. Your body transforms, your confidence soars and many have experienced shifts in their life itself.

If you suffer from, or at risk of diabetes, we have had tremendous  success in getting persons off sugar meds and even insulin.

This is not an opportunity you want to pass up!



Course Features

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  • Assessments Yes
  • Psychology of eating 0/0

    Understand mindful eating and become aware of how foods actually make us feel

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  • Adding the correct nutrition to our human diet 0/0

    A functional diet is more about adding the right foods rather than removing the "bad" ones.

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  • Transitioning from sugar 0/0

    Almost everything we eat has sugar. Learn how to identify and remove sugars from your diet

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  • Removing all other junk sugars 0/0

    Remove all other non functional sugars from your diet

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  • Detoxing the body 0/0

    Remove all other toxins from the body to give that healthy clean feeling

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  • Get your body to start burning fat for fuel 0/0

    Transitioning the body from glucose burning to fat burning for energy

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  • Transitioning to Living Wildfit 0/0

    Learn how to live Wildfit so you continue to release weight or maintain your new healthy lifestyle

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